Monday, 25 March 2013

Parthian Chickpeas

And here we are with the second and final part of our Podcast History Parthian extravaganza.  Last week, whilst we dined on delicious Parthian Chicken, Rob regaled us with tales of Zoroastrianism, Cambyses, and cat-flinging.  This week we're serving the chicken with a helping of Parthian Chickpeas and a spoonful of some super-sweet date paste.  Hopefully you enjoyed this little taste of history - look out for more in the future!

The recipe allows for any type of pea or bean to be prepared in the Parthian manner, so feel free to experiment and let me know.  I've opted to use chickpeas as they have that Eastern feel to them.

Parthian Chickpeas
(Serves 2 or 3)

Boil and skim some peas or beans.  Flavour them with crushed Parthian laser, some liquamen, and some caroenum.  Pour a little olive oil over these, then serve.Apicius, 5.3.6



  • If, like me, you're using canned chickpeas, boil them in a pan for around 10 minutes - this is to heat them through and soften them up a little bit.
  • When done, drain and add the asafoetida, fish sauce, and grape syrup.  Pour over the olive oil and give everything a big old mix.
  • Serve with Parthian Chicken and some Date Paste.


Whereas the chicken was a sensational savoury affair, Parthian Chickpeas were pleasantly sweet, with just a hint of savoury coming from the asafoetida and liquamen.  As such they made the perfect accompaniment to the chicken.

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