Saturday, 21 February 2015

Pass the Garum is moving!

Pass the Garum is moving house to: 

Blogger has been great - 320,000 unique views attests to that - but it's reached the stage where it is too clunky and time-consuming to post regular updates and where lots of the older recipes are so deeply buried so as never to be seen.  So far I have set up the new address and moved the fish recipes across.  Within a few days, will redirect to the new site, rather than here.  Over the next few months I'll move the content from this site over to the new site, giving you a chance to see recipes you might not have seen before and me a chance to have another go at recipes I wasn't too happy with the first time around.  There'll be plenty of new recipes to see too! So, pour a glass of posca and see you at the new place!